7 Reasons to Join the Dusi 2018

Of Course you are entering the FNB Duzi Canoe Marathon.

What you haven’t entered yet – time to get cracking. Normal entries close as we go to print but not to worry there is still lots of space for you and your mates in the starting pens. Nothing says I will not go quietly like entering a three day mammoth event.

Why you should enter.

  1. Because it is an unforgettable adventure. There are only a few times in the year when the paddling community really gather in their numbers and this is one of them. This is going to be three days of thrills and the occasional spills. You will have the opportunity to shoot some of the most revered rapids on the canoeing calendar. You will climb mountains with a boat on your shoulder and most importantly you would have won the bragging rights for the next year. The rivers are dry so this is your opportunity to make full use of any releases we get. By all accounts there is more water in the whole river system than there was at this time last year so it is not going to be ‘that bad’.
  2. You will rub shoulders with the pros of our sport. Thanks to ingenious delayed start for the leaders on day three we pretty much guarantee that the leaders will come past you at some point in the day. You will be able to cheer your heroes and heroines on from the river. If you are lucky enough to finish before them; grab something to eat and drink and sit wait for them to come in. We predict it is going to be very close this year. There are phenomenal men’s and ladies teams that are only just starting to show their cards! This is your chance to watch it from the banks.
  3. Because it is good for you! However you look at it; health, purpose, fun or adventure getting the blood pumping for three days is remarkably good for you. Think of it as your own therapy. You may not be as fit as you were in previous years and you may be paddling last year’s boat still but so what. For your own health you simply cannot miss the Duzi.
  4. Because it is good for the paddling community. Now is not the time to shrink back and wait for a better year, now is the time to stand up and be counted for the sake of our sport. No one like to discuss it but sponsors are really interested in the mileage that they can get out of the event we need to be saying thank you to our sponsors and nothing does it better than entering the race.
  5. We are in for a good year. The long term forecast according to AccuWeather is really very promising. None of the scorching 42˚C that we have come to expect. Instead they are predicting a very manageable 26˚
  6. At this level everything until Little John Rapid on day 3 should be paddlable without being death defying like it was in 2013 and other years. The organiser have gone all out to ensure you safety and enjoyment so we are confident that there will be marshals at every major rapid waiting to show you the best line. We will be doing the same. This is our year to do the slide because there is bound to be someone at the top to show us the correct approach.
  7. Forgotten where to go in the rapids. Not to worry, it is one of the most well documented river races you can imagine. Start with the Duzi website itself http://dusi.co.za/ and click on The Rivers tab. It has got a blow by blow account of how you shoot most of the rapids plus comments from the pros on their preferred lines down the rapid. Plus there is often great footage of someone shooting the rapid. If you want more advice head across to MyRiver website http://www.myriver.co.za/ . These guys have put together a really fantastic site that is really designed to help save your boat and give you maximum enjoyment while on the river. No more shooting the rapid with no idea what to expect. Watch and learn and then come and join us in doing it!



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