Defining Training Rules by Kevin Brunette

Rules provide the framework for your training sessions, enabling you to derive the optimum benefit from them. Working to rules ensures that you don’t suffer from the illusion of fitness, only to undergo a reality check when competing in an event.
Few individuals have the flexibility to train at the times he or she wants, and therefore set up and follow a routine. This can result in some sessions being undertaken on your own and with other paddlers in a group environment.
Remaining unique
Sessions should be more or less demanding, in line with your objectives. You might want to test yourself more in some activities than others. Your program should define the intensities, subject to daily and seasonal cycles.
Although sessions need to be tackled in a certain way, take time for adventure and to feel the wind on your face. Don’t blindly follow what someone else has on his or her schedule because you don’t have a routine of your own….

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