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Surfski is a unique paddling activity, taking place on the sea. Whilst there are similarities to river canoeing, marathons and even slalom, it is a distinct sport, offering a broad range of opportunities for recreational and competitive endeavours…

A surfski is a versatile watercraft, designed especially for use in the open sea environment and the waves approaching a beach. It can take time to develop the essential skills to surfski, but having done this, you can do downwind, compete in organised events or just paddle on the flat water within the protection of a bay.

Providing the challenge
All sorts of people get involved in surfski, from those who enjoy engaging with nature to the adrenalin junkies seeking extreme conditions. It is an ideal lifestyle sport for individuals seeking adventure. Some people do it for the camaraderie and others for fitness. Paddlers become motivated by the technical precision and physical requirement needed to propel a craft at speed.
There is a definite excitement associated with surfski, whether you are new to the sport or perfecting your skills. Being an offshore activity, a challenge is being able to predict the conditions and to read the interaction between wind swell and the underlying ocean swell.

KEEP READING from page 78 in Issue 6 of 2018: https://issuu.com/thepaddlemag/docs/tpm_6_2018

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