Likkewaan Canoe Club

Located on the Vaal River, we have the best of flatwater and river paddling on our doorstep. Our clubhouse is located just upstream of a weir, giving us kilometres of flatwater, complete with islands, weeping willows and riverine fauna and flora. Spot goliath and grey herons from your kayak and listen for calls of the […]

Toti Water Sports Club

Amanzimtoti Canoe Club was founded in 1990 when approximately 10 keen watermen got together and decided to paddle in the Amanzimtoti River. The competitiveness grew amongst the now paddlers which led to a weekly time trial initiated by the late Terry Grotte. In 1992 the clubs doubled in size to 20 members allowing Amanzimtoti Canoe […]

West Coast Canoe Club

The West Coast Canoe Club, which had a name and location change in 2015, started as the Navy Canoe Club in 1972. When the interest for canoeing grew within the Defense Force, the name changed to Defense (WP) Canoe Club. Many great canoeists were members of this club, e.g. Steffan Hugo, 5 x winner of […]

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