Jump in a Ski | Find out more with Kevin Brunette

Surfski is a unique paddling activity, taking place on the sea. Whilst there are similarities to river canoeing, marathons and even slalom, it is a distinct sport, offering a broad range of opportunities for recreational and competitive endeavours… A surfski is a versatile watercraft, designed especially for use in the open sea environment and the […]

The Folly of Boat Selection | Celliers Kruger

In the 25-odd years that I’ve been involved in competitive paddling, many things have changed. One thing certainly hasn’t: the ego-driven idea that anyone who is paddling a stable boat is somehow inferior. The reality is that most K1 paddlers in South Africa are paddling boats that are actually too unstable for them. If a […]

Q&A: How do I begin paddling?

While on holiday at Plet over the Christmas break we often watched a group of guys paddling just past backline. It looked like fun but unfortunately they were too far out to ask them about it. I hope that you don’t mind but how does one get started – Steve. Hi Steve unfortunately you do […]

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