The Folly of Boat Selection | Celliers Kruger

In the 25-odd years that I’ve been involved in competitive paddling, many things have changed. One thing certainly hasn’t: the ego-driven idea that anyone who is paddling a stable boat is somehow inferior. The reality is that most K1 paddlers in South Africa are paddling boats that are actually too unstable for them. If a […]

Reach your Peak : Training with Cadence

When I first began paddling in 2003, there was very little technology to work with as a measure of efficiency and performance. Coaches worked on stopwatches set to alarm every 60 seconds so that you knew where you were in your interval. Regular routes in similar conditions, combined with said stopwatch habits, helped to gauge […]

Safety First: Tips for Paddling in ZA

Down on the southern tip of Africa we Love Summer. And the reason we love summer is that the South Easterly winds blow. And when it blows it really can knock your socks off; just think of last years Argus Cycle Race! While this fact has a lot of people moaning and wishing for winter […]

Building Racks for Storage

Building Racks How to store the canoes and surfskis is always an issue. I remember one afternoon when my wife got home from work to find all my (and friends) boats laid neatly upside down on the grass while we decided which boats we wanted to use for the Duzi the next day. Her comment […]

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