First-date jitters

I love this article written by Lisa because we all go through these jitters if we dare to venture out and paddle, run or cycle with new people. Perhaps it is what stops a number of new paddlers trying to paddle with us. Some great food for thought as we think about getting back on […]

Potato farm to Podium | The Christie Mckensie story by Graham Daniel

With the World Marathon Champs looming large on the radar of Christie McKenzie, she’s had to deal with the transition from school to Varsity College and still maintain a commitment to train in order to perform, to continue her high level of achievement, but more importantly to fuel her passion for performance. Christie has graced […]

Peek Sisters: Conquer the Dusi

After their emphatic win at this year’s FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon The Paddle Mag was just dying to catch up with Jordan and Cana Peek and find out more about how they did it! As luck would have it, big sister was busy checking up on her little sister and had come down to Stellenbosch, […]

Hayley Nixon

Interview with Hayley Nixon        Firstly congratulations on winning the World Surfski Series. How does it feel? It was definitely a late charge, and it was somewhat unexpected. I think that as South Africans we get exposed to two or three title races early on in the year which the Internationals are not doing for example […]

Sbonela Khwela

Sbonelo’ Tough Guy’ Khwela Favourite refuelling snack after training Straight after training I try and use USN Muscle Fuel which helps me a lot before my main meal at lunch. For lunch I normally have couscous and steamed veggies. Coach or no coach? Normally I do not have a coach. I believe in the programme […]

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