First-date jitters

I love this article written by Lisa because we all go through these jitters if we dare to venture out and paddle, run or cycle with new people. Perhaps it is what stops a number of new paddlers trying to paddle with us. Some great food for thought as we think about getting back on […]

How to Train some of your Core Muscles

How to Train the Most Important Core Muscle Reproduced from the original article in Bicycling Balance Ball Pikes  image Why They Rock: Moves with an instability component force you to confront any muscle imbalances or weaknesses you may have. “If you’re going off balance, your body is going to let you know,” says Durner. This […]

Fuel up for Race Season by Austin Kieffer

Summer racing is over in the States, and my heavy volume training is back in full swing. I started gearing things back up in early August to get ready for the Fall races (Lighthouse to Lighthouse and Irish Coast Paddling Championships). With Lighthouse to Lighthouse coming up this weekend, I thought it would be interesting […]

Reach your Peak : Training with Cadence

When I first began paddling in 2003, there was very little technology to work with as a measure of efficiency and performance. Coaches worked on stopwatches set to alarm every 60 seconds so that you knew where you were in your interval. Regular routes in similar conditions, combined with said stopwatch habits, helped to gauge […]

Keep Paddle Fit this Winter… Shelley Smith tells us how

Keep fit during the cold winter months so that you can come out feeling strong! Let your workouts strengthen you to be paddle fit:. It’s important that we train according to our goals. How we do this, is by strengthening each key component area necessary for our sport. Endurance Training Indoor cycling, swimming in a […]

Safety First: Tips for Paddling in ZA

Down on the southern tip of Africa we Love Summer. And the reason we love summer is that the South Easterly winds blow. And when it blows it really can knock your socks off; just think of last years Argus Cycle Race! While this fact has a lot of people moaning and wishing for winter […]

Q&A: Training Modes


Question: I have recently bought a Garmin 735XT partly for the medical aid points and partly to help my training. My medical aid has a heart rate chart on their website that tells me how I can get points, but is that how I should train? Is it better to go at 80% for just over 30 minutes or 2 hours at 60% effort? I am 41 years old and 87 kgs if that helps. Read more about Q&A: Training Modes

Q&A: Paddle Purchases


Question: Hi, I am hoping you can help. I started paddling about 8 months ago and a friend lent me his paddle (alb atross name on red paddle). While I really enjoy paddling, the paddling is killing my shoulders and my mates seem to be going faster than me. Would changing my paddle help, and if so what should I look for? Read more about Q&A: Paddle Purchases

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