Q&A: How do I begin paddling?

While on holiday at Plet over the Christmas break we often watched a group of guys paddling just past backline. It looked like fun but unfortunately they were too far out to ask them about it. I hope that you don’t mind but how does one get started – Steve. Hi Steve unfortunately you do […]

Q&A: Training Modes


Question: I have recently bought a Garmin 735XT partly for the medical aid points and partly to help my training. My medical aid has a heart rate chart on their website that tells me how I can get points, but is that how I should train? Is it better to go at 80% for just over 30 minutes or 2 hours at 60% effort? I am 41 years old and 87 kgs if that helps. Read more about Q&A: Training Modes

Q&A: Paddle Purchases


Question: Hi, I am hoping you can help. I started paddling about 8 months ago and a friend lent me his paddle (alb atross name on red paddle). While I really enjoy paddling, the paddling is killing my shoulders and my mates seem to be going faster than me. Would changing my paddle help, and if so what should I look for? Read more about Q&A: Paddle Purchases

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