How to Train some of your Core Muscles

How to Train the Most Important Core Muscle Reproduced from the original article in Bicycling Balance Ball Pikes  image Why They Rock: Moves with an instability component force you to confront any muscle imbalances or weaknesses you may have. “If you’re going off balance, your body is going to let you know,” says Durner. This […]


The 8th annual West Coast canoe Challenge took place in Velddrif in sunny conditions on Saturday 1st February 2020. We had near flat water conditions and a very light cool breeze coming from the North West.253 paddlers registered for this event to take part in either the 10 km race or the longer 20 km […]

Drak events align with IOC Green initiatives

Underberg – As the clock counts down to the unique quartet of events that make up the FNB Drak Adventure Weekend in Underberg on 1 and 2 February, the event organisers have moved boldly to align themselves with the latest global guidelines for sustainability and environmentally-friendly event management practices. The guideline entitled Plastic Game Plan […]

Welcome to our World

Welcome to the incredible world of paddling. In this blog we will give you some idea’s on how and where to start. The key to really enjoying paddling is stability in the boat so we start there with some tips on how to improve your stability and with that help you develop a basic good […]

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