In the past there was a one ski fits all type of mentality as most of the paddlers were male lifesavers but in recent years that has certainly CHANGED!! There are now lots of skis to choose from. We do not hope to tell you which one to paddle but enjoy reading the write-ups and remember to ALWAYS  test the boat yourself before buying it

Skis differ in primary and secondary stability – how stable it is when you sit still in it and its ability to “right” itself

length – anything from 5.8m to 7.4m for a double ski. NB for playing in the sea and when it come to storing your ski.

Width – the widest point on the ski usually around the cockpit. Generally the wider it is the more stable it is.

For this reason they are divided into 4 loose categories – always up for healthy debate but here it goes

Very StableAll RounderIntermediateElite
Fenn KayaksPoint WatersportKayak CentreEpic
Knysna RacingFenn KayaksCarbonology SportFenn Kayaks
Genius RSXTZestElite
VaultElite SL
EpicKnysna RacingGlide
V6Genius RSPoint WatersportSpark
V7Genius CLXFocusKnysna Racing
EpicFenn KayaksMcGregor Classic
V8SwordfishPoint Watersport
V8 ProKnysna RacingBullet
Genius BluSpeed
EpicREVO Kayaks
V10 SportRevo
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