Jump in a Ski | Find out more with Kevin Brunette

Surfski is a unique paddling activity, taking place on the sea. Whilst there are similarities to river canoeing, marathons and even slalom, it is a distinct sport, offering a broad range of opportunities for recreational and competitive endeavours… A surfski is a versatile watercraft, designed especially for use in the open sea environment and the […]

“Helping a paddler in distress is top priority, not only good etiquette”, Kevin Brunette

Helping a paddler in distress is top priority, not only good etiquette. Assisting someone should be less traumatic than affecting a self-rescue. You might help a paddler one day and another day be grateful for some assistance. All paddlers, even in a group, should have the ability for self-rescue. They should be similarly equipped with […]

Get off that Start Line

A good start is essential, because it provides clear water into which you can move. Not only do you want an unobstructed path, but also don’t want your stroking action to be impeded. It is to your advantage to get away quickly. There is not much speed differential between competent paddlers, so if you get […]

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