2 Harbors Race Results

2 Harbours    

On the 12th November 2017 the Fish Hoek Beach Sports Club was host to the Cape Town Summer series. As this race involved going in and out of Kalk Bay Harbour permission needed to be given by the Harbour Master. Permission was gladly given and so the planning began. The route requires either a very light southerly or northerly wind to make it possible but fortunately for them the weather was perfect for the running of the inaugural 2 Harbours race on the day the paddlers were treated to more of a easterly making the stretch from Kalk Bay to Simon Town almost downwind in nature. The experienced paddlers knew to leave something in the tank because the more the downwind conditions got the more effort it would take to get home from Simons Town. The less experienced paddlers simply revelled in the apparent ease of the conditions and then found it quite hard work paddling the last 6km in to the wind. Luckily for them there was the rescue duck to keep a watchful eye on them all the way home.

2 Harbours 2017 long Course Results
Pos. Name Time
Mens Results
1 Nicholas Notten 1:13:59 1st Male
2 Jakub Adam 1:14:04 2nd Male
3 Kyle Friedenstein 1:14:15 3rd Male
Ladies Results
11 Bianca Beavitt 1:22:23 1st Lady
12 Melanie Van Niekerk 1:22:23 2nd Lady
30 Alex Adie 1:32:28 3rd Lady
17 Pete Cole / Wendren Stetzer 1:23:21 1st Double
19 David Hudson / Andrew Ross 1:24:38 2nd Double
21 David Murrray Smith / Darrel Leach 1:24:54 3rd Double
42 Abigail Liesegang 1:43:35 1st Junior
2 Harbours 2017 Short Course Results
Pos. Name Time
1 Ryno Lamont 0:33:06
2 Dwight Morkel 0:35:42
3 Tim de Sousa 0:36:23
Youngest Awesome Paddler
6 Jared Cole 0:43:31


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