Keep Paddle Fit this Winter… Shelley Smith tells us how

Keep fit during the cold winter months so that you can come out feeling strong!

Let your workouts strengthen you to be paddle fit:. It’s important that we train according to our goals. How we do this, is by strengthening each key component area necessary for our sport.

Endurance Training

Indoor cycling, swimming in a heated pool, running or sprint training on a treadmill, rowing machine, interval training on an Elliptical Trainer or stepping machines. All of these will work to keep you fit during the colder months.

Strength Training

Focus your training on your major muscles groups. Squats, Deadlifts, Bridges, Bench Press and Shoulder press. Pulling exercises, like seated rows are great for strengthening your back and arms. Perform exercise….

Read more from page 70 in The Paddle Mag Issue 3 of 2019:

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